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Neurosurgery has evolved rapidly in the past decades.

The improvements in quality and effectiveness were greater compared to other surgical specialties because its practice is inextricably linked with technological progress.

The greatest achievement that gave a major impetus to its further development was the widespread application of the surgical microscope. Over the years great work has been made on the development and improvement of microscopes, their optics being perfected, their mechanical movement with electromagnetic control being developed and elements of digital technology being added. Another cornerstone for the improvement of conditions in brain surgery is the introduction and gradual development of neuronavigation. The neurosurgeon is now able to use a tool for guidance and better localization of the lesions to be approached, by principles similar to those of GPS. Furthermore, a significant role played the development and implementation of continuous intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring, with the ability to enter monitoring data with regard to the operation of nuclei of the brain stem and motor and sensory pathways or the optic tract.

Complementary to the above neuromonitoring techniques, the intraoperative corticography (particularly in epilepsy surgery) or awake brain surgery have enabled the performance of surgeries in sensitive regions of the brain, such as the speech center, the motor region, the base of skull even the brainstem. Regions that were previously or even today considered by many neurosurgeons to be inaccessible parts of the brains. Tumors or other lesions located in these regions used to be characterized as inoperable cases.

It would not be right to attribute all progress only to the improvement of the technological equipment. The human factor played and still does a very significant role. The neurosurgical services were created 6 years ago. In reality, however, in Greece the scientific surgical team came into existence 15 years ago.

Its purpose:

A) Application of surgeries on the nervous system (brain, vertebral column, spinal cord, peripheral nerves) with the highest standards comparable to those abroad and especially of America.
Relying on the necessary and fully contemporary equipment, and on the experience of many years of training in Greece and abroad, through small and absolutely precise incisions, the aim of these techniques is to fully address the above problems.

B) The humanitarian aspect of neurosurgery and generally of medicine, giving priority to the approach - information on - treatment of patient's surgical problem, and to the patient's full psychological support.

C) Promotion of research in the field of neurosurgery and other neurosciences by participating in various scientific events and publications.
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